Since 1994, the hallmark of the firm has been its unyielding commitment to Personal Services, and Innovation!  We stay abreast of the latest human capital “best practices” to ensure that our client partners will have access to “leading edge” human capital/ diversity management and inclusion tools.

Our goal is to provide value-added human capital solutions aimed at reducing lost productivity/ employee resistance, underutilization, increasing efficiency/profitability and minimizing turnover.  Our consultants have proven track records in planning, developing and implementing Professional Training, Human Capital and Diversity/Inclusion strategies for Fortune 500 concerns, Professional Service firms, Government and Non-Profit Organizations.

Medellin & Associates communicate with senior management to assess the client’s corporate culture, history, business goals/objectives, products/services and corporate strategic plan to apply appropriate human capital solutions to the unique challenges facing the organization. Understanding that people are the “competitive advantage” of all organizations, we employ a thorough knowledge of what steps are necessary to weave “people” into the business strategy.


Years of Service - 26 Years
Personal Services and Innovation
increasing Efficiency/Profitability and Minimizing Turnover
Human Capital Solutions
Communicate with Senior Management
Training and Management Consulting

A Word From Our CEO

“The Medellin Associates team is dedicated to providing unique, specialized solutions to our client partners in a flexible fee format.”

George Medellin, III

President / Medellin & Associates Inc


The 21st Century demands New Economy firms’ sensitivity to employee, customer and supplier diversity in order to expand market share and compete globally.
Medellin & Associates has direct access to the on-line membership systems of major and clandestine minority professional, Alumni(e), business and Greek Letter organizations, which exceed 100, 000 diversity professionals.
Medellin & Associates maintains an active candidate database in excess of 10,000 diversity professionals.


Medellin & Associates has a completion rate of 85%, which exceeds industry averages.
Medellin & Associates guarantee our candidates for one year and do not present client candidates to other companies.


Medellin & Associates guarantees not to cease any search prior to its full completion.



Medellin & Associates utilizes innovative, cutting edge sourcing techniques to conduct continuous candidate mining of passive diversity professionals.




Our Client Partners