Erika Walker-Thomas is the Vice President of the Diversity & Inclusion Practice. She holds more than 17 years of substantial experience in Diversity Consulting, Coaching, and Professional Development.

As the leader of this practice, Erika has expertise in Client Relationship Management, Coaching, Global Workforce Dynamics, and Global Diversity Solutions. She has also been a member of several global HR teams and has a perspective on integrating diversity and talent systems across all major HR functional areas.

Prior to joining Medellin & Associates, Erika was Vice President, Diversity Solutions, at The Kaleidoscope Group, a Chicago based diversity consulting firm. Erika also founded Changing Mindz, a diversity consulting firm focusing on global diversity and women’s issues.

Erika’s extensive experience includes working with C-Suite Executives, Global Line of Business Leaders, HR Managers, External Partners and Women Executives.  Erika has designed global learning strategies and addressed attraction, motivation, and retention issues for general and diverse populations.  Additionally, she coached women to navigate successfully their respective organizations and create the lives they desire.

Erika is a regular columnist on diversity and coaching issues for Conocimiento Y Direccion, the leading HR & Management magazine in Latin America.  She also speaks regularly at their human resource forums.  Erika also delivers presentations to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the World Diversity Leadership Summit (WDLS) in Prague, and other related forums.   She holds a leadership role with the Center for Diversity and Research, an organization designed to augment organizations’ internal programs with an evidence-based resource for advancing their Diversity & Inclusion goals.

Erika has delivered Diversity Solutions for clients throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Her clients include Senior Executives and a broad array of Fortune 1000 entities.