Mr. J. Vernon Peterson holds in excess of 20+ years of significant diversity, staffing and general human resources experience in Fortune 500, Consulting and Academic settings.  His expertise encompasses developing novel diversity/inclusion strategies through creating the business case for diversity in a myriad of industries.    J. Vernon develops and implements diversity strategies, conducts project management and participates in new business development.


Most recently, Mr. Peterson held the position of Director, Workforce Diversity & EEO Planning at Wisconsin Energy Corporation, Milwaukee Wisconsin.  He led the development and implementation of the Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action programs to maximize workplace diversity and ensure compliance with current state and federal legal requirements.  More importantly, J. Vernon developed a  new Diversity Council, whose purpose was to ensure that the company focused on the inclusion and full utilization of the talents and skills of all employees and drive the business imperative of diversity.


Prior to managing diversity at Wisconsin Energy,   Mr. Peterson led the Worldwide Diversity Team for Hewlett Packard Services (HPS), supporting 50,000 employees in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific in a 16 year career  highlighted by developing the “Diversity Accountability Model” utilized throughout the corporation.


At HPS, J. Vernon served as Director, Worldwide Diversity, North American Manager, Talent & Diversity, Human Resources Manager, Diversity/Affirmative Action Manager and Education Manager, respectively.  He spearheaded the corporate effort to instill a holistic approach to Diversity, by incorporating its elements within the workplace, marketplace and community.


Prior to HPS, Mr. Peterson gained invaluable staffing, employee relations and organization development experience at General Electric and Digital Corporation.


Mr. Peterson has lectured at Portugal’s Catholic and New Universities, consulted to the Portuguese Industrial Association and received Hewlett Packard’s STAR Award.


Mr. Peterson earned a MBA from the University of Maryland, University College, a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Design from The University of Michigan and Bachelor’s Degree from Lincoln University (Pennsylvania).